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Welcome to True Hauntings! I am so happy that you are here to enjoy my true ghost stories and fictional short stories!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve seen, felt, and heard things that other people don’t. My grandparents house in Florida was THE MOST HAUNTED PLACE I’ve ever been to in my life, thus far. As I began to tell family members about strange sounds and cold spots, my grandmother told me the story of her old house and about all the deaths that occurred there, including one murder.

As a young child, I was told I had an overactive imagination. I believed that, for a time. As the experiences continued, even when I fought them and tried to convince myself they weren’t real, I started to realize that these things were really happening.

As an adult, I now realize that I can hear, see, and feel things that most people cannot. It’s like a sudden flash in my mind of a picture or an inner voice that is not my own. I can’t control it at all. It just happens. As a kid, I just figured I thought these visions up on my own but I know now that these images are not mine. They come from whatever energy is near me or trying to purposefully communicate with me.

Just recently, I was at a friend’s new home and she was showing me around. As I opened a small attic door and peeked inside to see how much storage space was there, I saw a sudden flash of a girl in a nightgown huddled in the corner of the space. It was only a moment and then she was gone but it was enough that I could see her face. Her eyebrows were raised and she looked frightened of me. I could feel her nervousness. She was afraid of us because she doesn’t know any of us. I think she was also surprised that I saw her.

I immediately closed the door and thought in my head “It’s okay. You are safe. We are nice people and won’t bother you.” I did tell my friend what I saw but reassured her that I did not feel like this girl was cruel or meant any harm. She only felt afraid and surprised. I told my friend that I would feel fine about living there, which is saying a lot! Because I can so easily feel and see these types of things, I don’t like to be places where I feel any negativity. It’s too easy for those negative energies to bother me. If I don’t want to be in a space, that’s when you should worry…

I currently live in central Ohio with my husband and three sons, our cat, and two guinea pigs. We have experienced activity in our current home but I attribute that to a passing energy. That happens to me sometimes. Things happen to myself and others in the home and then it settles down. No real explanation. There’s no reason, that I’m aware of, that our current home would be haunted. Just a passerby.

That’s me, in a nutshell. Please enjoy my experiences and comment to tell me of your experiences! I have always been completely intrigued by (borderline obsessed with) the paranormal. You can reach me at Cynthia@TrueHauntings.com with any questions.


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  1. You told me about your grandmother’s home way back when. I’m not surprised of your sensitivity. This could be your calling.. I mean you gravitated toward the organization thing, maybe that was your subconscious guiding you toward opening others to your gift. my little old house in Hastings has a presence but not evil. just there.

  2. New member…. Listening to your podcast on Spotify. I love your soothing voice I could listen to you talk all day lol . Boy do I have some spooky ghost stories for you and the podcast !

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