Ghost Boy at the Movies

I have been exposed to the supernatural my whole life. My grandparents, whom I was very close to, lived in a very well-known haunted house in St Augustine, Florida. (To read about their haunted house, click here!) I have so many ghost stories I could tell, just based on their house, alone.

Today, however, I am choosing to tell you about an experience I had at a local movie theater here in Ohio, where I currently live. I can’t explain why but these types of experiences happen to me every so often. I guess you could say that energies are drawn to me? I’m not sure but, at 40 years old, I have learned that if there is energy to be felt in a place, I will likely feel it. Not always, but most of the time.

A few years back, my hubby and I took our three sons to the AMC Dublin Village 18 movie theater in Dublin, Ohio to see The Secret Life of Pets. That’s a great movie, by the way! I had never heard anything about that theater being haunted at all and ghost were not even on my radar that day at all. I was simply enjoying some family time!

We got our snacks (because no movie trip is complete without twizzlers, in my humble opinion) and found our seats. The movie was adorable and we were very much enjoying it when, midway through the movie, I realize that I have to pee. ha ha ha! Hey guys and gals, I’ve had three kids! I pee more often than back in the day!

I finally decide I’m at a point in the movie where I won’t miss too much and I duck out to head to the ladies room. We were on the left side of the theater, when you are walking into the front doors. Just for reference. I walk to the end of the hall of theaters to where the bathrooms are. The doors leading to the parking lot are just beyond them. Because there were no movies finishing at the time, the hall is relatively empty. The large ladies room is completely empty.

I push the heavy swinging door of the ladies room and choose the very first stall that I come to. The mirrors and sinks are on the left and the stalls are on the right side of the long, narrow bathroom. As I am closing and locking the stall door, the bathroom door swings violently open and I see a pair of barefoot child’s feet run past my stall and go into the one next to me. I’m not going to lie, my first thought was who is letting their kid run barefoot in a movie theater?!

The child, I think it was a boy based on the behaviors and voice, is making little robot sounds and giggling. Once he gets into the stall next to mine, he begins splashing in the toilet water. SPLASHING IN THE TOILET WATER! Now, I’m thinking who is letting their kid run a muck in this theater?! How extremely gross! None of that water better get on my feet!

By this time, I am sitting and heeding nature’s call. The boy then says to me in a cute, albeit creepy, robot voice “What’s your name?” I chose not to answer him, solely because I was afraid if I engaged with him, he might stick his head under the stall wall and I don’t like my personal space invaded when I am peeing. I feel like that is reasonable. ha ha

He continues to play in the water and make robot sounds. Then, he says “I asked you a question.” At this point, my brain is yelling “Who does this kid think he is? When is this parent going to come get this brat?!” Not super nice things to think, I admit, but I was annoyed and trying to pee.

I finish, wipe, and flush. As I am preparing to walk out of the stall, I can still hear him giggling but the water sound has stopped. I come out of my stall and immediately look into the stall next to me. The door is not locked and standing half open, not moving either. I push it open and there is no one in there! There’s no water on the floor, either! I can still hear him laughing but I am alone in the bathroom!!!

I washed my hands just as fast as a germaphobe can and got the heck out of there! Stumbling into the hall, (there were no children to be seen out there either, by the way) I was wondering what the heck just happened, trying to wrap my brain around it all! I got back to my seat and barely paid attention to the whole second half of the movie. When it ended, I turned to my hubby and said “You are NOT going to believe what happened to me in the bathroom!” which is a fair statement since he does not believe in ghosts or the paranormal at all.

Before I had time to fill him in, a group of employees walked in to start prepping the room for the next movie. I walked up to them and asked if the theater was haunted. There were three employees, if I remember correctly. They all looked over at an older man who was also an employee. He said “Yeah, I’ve worked here a long time and it is haunted. This part of the theater used to be a parking lot. A little boy was hit by a car here and died. Then, they made it into this wing of the theater.”

I almost died right then and there! I excitedly told him what had just happened to me and he confirmed that people report weird things in that bathroom, in addition to a few other spots in the theater! Because I have had these experiences all my life, I am absolutely fascinated by them and not scared at all. Now I love going to that theater and can only hope to meet the boy again! Next time, I will definitely tell him my name and see if I can get his!

If any locals know any information about the haunting of this theater, please comment below! I would love to find a news article or something to verify that a child died on the grounds. Anytime I can verify a ghost story is icing on the cake! If, by chance, a relative of the child who was killed happens to read this, I am so dreadfully sorry for your loss. Losing a child is something every parent fears and should NEVER have to go through. If this was your son that I met, he seemed happy and mischievous, as any young boy should be!

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  1. I can def confirm as I work here that it is indeed haunted and people hear this little boy all the time!

  2. Someone should help this poor soul to move on rather than be stuck. How sad. It also sounds creepy enough to be something just pretending to be a little boy, but having more power and influence over people than they may realize. Not to be played with by the inexperienced.

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