Softly Singing

As a young child and teenager, I often had inexplicable things happen around me. Lights would often flicker, doors would open or close by themselves, and so on. I attributed it to the spirits that were in my grandparents house, following me around. I still don’t know if that was actually the case or if maybe I was manifesting it without knowing. (Read about my grandparents haunted house here!)

One of those strange things that happened to me was so unexpected that it really threw me for a loop! I was probably about 12 years old and in my bedroom at home, watching tv. I don’t remember what the show was but I do know that it had absolutely nothing to do with ghosts or anything of the like. I believe it was on a Monday because we had spent the weekend with my grandparents, as we did almost every weekend as kids, my sister and I.

It was a Monday and back to business as usual, school and now I was relaxing while watching tv. My sister was in her room doing the same. Both of my parents were still at work.

As I was focusing on the show, something pulled my attention away for a moment. There was a quiet sound that didn’t seem to go with what I was watching. It sounded like a woman was softly singing….in my room.

I turned off the tv so I could make sure it wasn’t coming from the show. Now, with the tv turned off, I could hear it much more clearly. A woman’s voice, softly singing something, almost like a humming. I couldn’t make out any words, just a general tune I didn’t recognize.

I looked out both of my windows, half expecting to see someone there, the source of the song, but no one was there. It was the middle of the afternoon and daylight so I could clearly see that I was alone.

I freaked out and started shouting for this mystery singer to go away, that she wasn’t welcome here! After a few moments of shouting, the singing stopped. It was only then that I realized I had no witnesses and no one would believe me, as they normally didn’t when I told them about things like this.

I ran over to my sister’s room and excitedly told her about what had just happened and insisted that she come with me to see if she could hear it, too! She didn’t want to, of course, but I convinced her!

We crept to my bedroom door and eased it open. With both of our heads peaking inside, we listened closely and heard nothing. She was starting to think I was playing a trick on her and was about to leave. I asked her to wait one more minute and I said out loud into my room “It’s okay. You can sing again if you want to. I won’t yell at you this time. Go ahead. We’re listening.”

Just a moment after that, the singing immediately started again, the same soft song it had been before! My sister and I both screamed at the same time and slammed my door closed again! I was beyond thrilled that it happened again at first, because I wanted so badly to be believed. Then, I realized…..there is something in my room that I can’t see and it is responding to me!

I was suddenly too scared to go back into my room! I begged my younger sister, two years younger than me, to let me hang in her room for a while. I wouldn’t even check to see if the singing was still happening. I just didn’t want to be in there. She agreed and I stayed with her for a while and then sat in the living room once my parents were home from work until dinner.

Of course, they still didn’t believe me but at least my sister knew I wasn’t making it up! Strange things similar to this happened fairly often as I was growing up. I do still have things happen to me now but I understand them a lot better and can deal with it more appropriately.


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