Grandpa Visits My Dreams

I talk about my grandparents a lot, in this blog and to my friends and family. They were extremely important to me. My grandparents have both passed now and I miss them every moment of every day. I have always had a very close relationship with them. They definitely helped mold me into the person that I am today. When we lost my grandpa in 2012, I was devastated. I worried about my Nanny in that giant house all by herself. (You can read about her haunted house here.) My young sons and I visited her as often as we could, usually every other weekend, because she loved the company and has always loved children.

Later that same year, my husband and I made the very tough decision to move our family from Florida, where both of our families were, to Ohio so he could pursue a much better job. It was tough. It was beyond tough.

At some point, a year or two later, I was really struggling. Filled with anxiety one night, I went to bed. Sleep was difficult to find but I finally found it. Then I began to dream….

I will not disclose names of relatives or some other details as they are just too personal and painful to reveal to the world. I hope you will understand as you read this further.

I was my normal adult self, standing in my grandparent’s kitchen. I looked over toward the hallway and my grandpa was standing there. He wasn’t smiling, in fact he looked kind of sad. I rushed over to him and said “Grandpa!” while throwing my arms around him. I suddenly pulled back and said “You’re cold!” and then realized, even in my dream, that he had passed away.

He then turned toward the back door and walked out of the house. I followed him because I didn’t understand what was going on and I wanted to ask him more questions. As I followed him out the back door, I saw that a close relative of mine was standing in the driveway. This relative didn’t look happy or sad, but just standing there blankly.

I ran up to my relative and said “Hey! What are you doing here?” This relative did not answer me, just stared straight ahead, not even acknowledging me. As I am saying that, my grandpa comes up behind me. I turn to face him and see that now he has a clipboard in his hands with a sheet of paper on it and he’s holding a pencil. He had the old school type of pencil that is very thick and he always used his pocket knife to sharpen them.

He began to write the number 74 very large on the paper, taking up almost the whole sheet, over and over again. He was holding the clipboard out toward me while writing this 74 over and over, as if trying to tell me it was important!

Suddenly, I woke up and immediately thought to myself that the number was a time frame. I don’t know why I thought that, I just knew it was. At first, I thought it was hours and I began to panic. I even called the gas company to come check our gas lines. That’s how sure I was that something bad was going to happen when that number arrived.

After the 74 hours passed, I thought maybe it was days. I sat down with a calendar and figured out exactly 74 days from the morning that I woke from the dream. Once I had the date, I made a note of it in my journal but tried to put it out of my mind. I didn’t tell many people about it because they have doubted me about paranormal matters my whole life. I didn’t want to deal with that at that moment. As I said, there was a lot going on and I was super stressed.

I didn’t think much more of it until the date got closer. Less than a week before the date would be here, I called that relative. Since they were in the dream, I figured it might have to do with something happening to them. I told this person, jokingly, maybe don’t go sky diving on that day because I had this strange dream!

As it turns out, something very big and eventually devastating did in fact happen on that exact day concerning that relative, or at least someone very close to them and to me. I’ll not go into detail because it’s just too painful. I will say that it was suddenly painfully obvious that my grandpa was trying to warn us that something was about to happen.

Having that dream definitely changed a few things that I would have done but didn’t because I wasn’t sure what was going to happen on that day. He did help us but I only wish I had told my relative about the dream sooner. I doubt it would have changed anything but if he told me 74 days in advance, maybe there was a reason he gave that much notice.

Unfortunately, I will never know.

I have only had one other dream that my grandpa was in and it is just as disturbing, maybe more.

In this dream, my grandpa was constantly on the peripheral of the dream, as if he didn’t really want to tell me what he had to tell me. I could see my husband standing in the darkness and then it looked like he was being squished or crushed in on himself! I equated it to a car accident and worried for months after that. Without telling my husband about the dream (because he is NOT a believer), I began to ask him if we could get some life insurance for both of us, aside from the small amount we got from his work. I was a stay at home mom of our three sons, one of which is autistic and may live with us forever, so I was worried and nervous all rolled into one! I thought if it’s a car accident, we might both die together! What would happen to our kids after that?!

He never really wanted to deal with it and I let it go. About a year later, my husband had his first of five strokes (so far). The doctors cannot figure out why he started having them or how to stop them. Five strokes in three years is a huge amount for a 41 yr old, seemingly healthy, man to have!

Thankfully, he is not disabled although there are some issues he has from them. I can’t help but wonder if grandpa was trying to warn me that my husband’s veins in his brain were narrowing and closing. Maybe that’s why I saw my husband being crushed by an unknown source? He had his first stroke about a year after the dream…

I can’t possibly know for sure but I can tell you one thing. The next time my grandpa visits me in a dream, I’ll be paying close attention to every detail! My grandpa loves me dearly and I love him. He has only ever wanted the best for me. I know he will always be looking out for me and our family.

The next time he visits, I’ll listen.


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  1. I lost my dearly loved Nanny when I was in my 20’s. I had been there to take care of her during her last two years. To the point that I was living there instead of with my husband. She and I share a great love for Elvis Presley music and movies. We did a lot of listening and watching together. The night before she passed, she told me to go home and be with my husband. I didn’t want to, but she insisted. That night, I saw her in my dream coming towards me through a field of wildflowers. She was younger and stronger, as she was when I was a child. She hugged me and rocked me like she did when I was a kid. Then she told me she would always be with me.
    To this day, I know when she is near. I hear Elvis music playing on an old radio or record player, and I can feel her arms around me and rocking me.
    I know I’m not imagining it, because someone who I have never told this story to, had years later spent the night while I was with my 2nd husband. I had run out for milk. When I came back, she asked me where the damn radio was. It had been on for the last 20 minutes! Another independent source who knew nothing of the story, verified it again months later, by asking where the radio was.
    I’ve always been sensitive to paranormal activity and being an empath on top.

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