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I am always saying that paranormal activity seems to find me. Things happen to me often that I just can’t explain. I’ve truly become so accustomed to it that I forget that other people don’t have these same experiences.

Once again, it would appear that something has either stumbled upon me while passing through or followed me home from somewhere else. My family has had some strange goings-on happening in our home over the past month or so. Let me start from the beginning…

I am an in-home childcare provider during the day. My home is set up pretty well for this as I have a big playroom in my basement. On this particular day, My middle son was home sick from school. He was up on the top floor of our house, in his bedroom. My childcare kids were taking their mid day nap in the basement playroom. I was sitting on the couch in the living room on the main floor.

As I was reading an article on my phone, I heard a child’s voice say something but it was too quick for me to make out. I perked up a bit and listened because my first thought was that a child had come upstairs from the playroom and they never do that. They are usually very good nappers.

As I was listening for a kid, my middle son came out of his room and said “Yes, mom? Did you call me?” I did not call him! What he heard was the same little voice that I heard! I checked on the napping kids with my cameras I have in the playroom and they were all sleeping soundly! I was definitely perplexed and made a mental note of it but didn’t give it much thought beyond that.

Over the weekend, I walked down into the playroom to get something. There were no little kids in my home since I don’t work on the weekends. As I entered the playroom, I noticed that it felt very heavy down there, like the air was thick or the space was occupied. I am very familiar with that feeling since I practically grew up in my grandparents extremely haunted house (you can read the story of their St Augustine, Fl house here). That is always the feeling I get when there is an energy present. It’s a very distinct feeling of heaviness, like the atmosphere changed but only in that space.

Once again, I thought it was strange and made a mental note of it but went on about my business. There was a lot going on that weekend and I didn’t really have time to investigate further, nor did I yet realize that an investigation was really necessary. We bought our house almost three years ago and have never had anything remotely paranormal happen here. Paranormal events in my own home were not even on my radar!

This next part is the absolute coolest thing that has happened so far because it involves my non-believer husband who has maintained throughout our almost 22 yrs of marriage that ghosts or spirits are not real and when you’re dead, you’re dead!

It was evening and we were all in the kitchen, preparing for dinner. My 19 yr old son was not home and my 17 yr old and 10 yr old were in the kitchen with my hubby and I. Hubby went down into the basement to get more trash bags as we’d run out in the kitchen. The boys and I stayed upstairs. My 17 yr old walked in the living room, which is really just another area off of the kitchen area, and sat on the couch.

All the sudden, Hubby comes rushing back upstairs with the trash bags and looked frazzled. He very sternly called for our 17 yr old. Our son answered him and Hubby asked if he had been there the whole time. Our son said he was and myself and our youngest son agreed he had.

My hubby then said that while he was downstairs, he had heard a whisper directly behind him that sounded just like our 17 yr old. It said “I’m right here” and sounded like it was directly behind him! He was completely rattled and didn’t know what to think of it! I have never in our 22 yrs seen him like that! EVER! Of course, I was beyond excited that he finally had a paranormal experience that he, himself, couldn’t explain! He still won’t say he’s a believer. He just says he doesn’t know and can’t explain it. That’s as much as I can get out of him.

A few days later, I was again in the kitchen but by myself this time. I was tidying up, I think, and walked through the dining area and into the living room to get something. I saw a flash of a little boy, facing away from me, looking at a toy against the wall of the far side of my living room! Whenever I see an energy, that’s usually how it happens, in a flash almost like a picture. He was a Caucasian boy with brown hair, a dark red long sleeved shirt, and blue jeans on. He never moved. I only saw him for a moment, just long enough to know that he was checking out the toys I have in my living room for the childcare kids.

It was at that moment that I finally realized that we do indeed have an energy in our home. I’m not sure if this energy was passing through and came to me because it could tell I was open to it or if I encountered it and it followed me because I was open to it. Either way, I now knew it was there, for sure! I decided that an investigation was needed…..in my own home!

A few days later, while my family was outside playing in the new fallen snow with their grandmother who was in town, I took my smart phone and went down into the basement playroom. I hit record and entered the room to ask some questions and attempt to make contact. Once again, the air felt thicker and heavier so I knew it was a great time to reach out!

I asked some basic questions and gave some time for a response. At one point, I asked if he needed help because that was the feeling I was getting. I never heard any response with my own ears at the time but I did hear a childlike voice say what sounds to me like “help” on the recording!

I made a rookie mistake, though. I really should know better, having done this so many times before. Because I’d seen a little boy, I felt like he might be reaching out to me because I am a mom. I wanted to help him and care for him. I made the comment that if he needed my help, he could reach out to me. I even said that I was right up stairs if he needed me.

When investigating the paranormal, NEVER give the energy permission to follow you or enter your living space. It’s hard to get them to leave and you do need a safe space to rest. They tend to keep you up all night since that’s when they feel safest and most active. That’s exactly what happened next…

Just two nights later, I began waking up around 3am every single morning! This has happened to me before when there was paranormal activity in a previous home so I recognized it by the second night. I started feeling the air get heavy in my own bedroom at night and seeing shadows moving occasionally. I knew exactly what was going on. The energy was doing exactly what I said he could, he was visiting me. Every night.

I was losing a lot of sleep and becoming very tired during the day but every time I tried to rest, I would feel that feeling of not being alone and wake up. It all culminated with me waking up and trying to turn over in bed. As I was lifting my head, a large chunk of my hair was pulled, as if it was caught on something. Once I pulled my hair loose, I jerked around to see what my hair had been snagged on. There was nothing there at all. My husband was facing the opposite direction from me and therefore completely unable to snag my hair. He was simply nowhere near me in our king sized bed!

Our mattress doesn’t even touch the headboard on our bed. There is a good two inches of space between the mattress and the headboard and there is nothing on the base of the headboard to snag hair on, either. My hair is shoulder length and not long enough to be caught under my own arms or body. I truly could not explain it. It wasn’t a light tug, either. It pulled my hair so hard that I had to move my head to pull my hair free!

I tried to go back to sleep after this but couldn’t. The heavy feeling in my bedroom was back and I was shaken. As my sleep deprivation was finally starting to win and I was dozing off, I got the idea to hit record on my smart phone, just in case something else happened while I slept. It turns out that was a great idea because I caught SIX different unexplained sounds or whispers on that recording! That was just this past Sunday morning, on February 23rd, 2020!

I created a YouTube video so you can hear what I caught on that recording! You can find it here! Let me know what you think they are saying since some of them are difficult to interpret. You will need to turn the volume all the way up and use headphones or earbuds of some kind for some of them. Although, the one that sounds like my 17 yr old’s voice whispering “Mom” is pretty loud! And creepy…..

Maybe don’t watch the video if you are easily scared and it is almost time for bed. Just saying.

Here is my YouTube channel if you’d like to listen to all of the various EVPs that I’ve recorded over the years!

The activity in my home has died down over the last few days since I began wearing a clear quartz crystal and put them on my bedside table. I don’t know if that really makes a difference but I read it somewhere and decided to try it. Supposedly, the clear quartz crystals will clean and clear the energy in a room. All I know is that I’ve been sleeping a lot better since I got them so take from that what you will….


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