Waiting In The Flowers, A Mournful Poem

By Cynthia Seer

In a field of flowers, I made my love a bed. She slept there oh so calmly as my face turned red.

Try as I may to explain her grace, I couldn’t get across, The dismal look of pain I wore from her agonizing loss.

It felt as if the sky collapsed and everything was wrong. I lingered by her side that night to sing her favorite song.

The tune was hardly recognized by those who knew it well, But the feeling it inspired made all of our hearts swell.

I’ll miss her with my dying breath, is what I said that day. No more words could find their way out of my mouth to say.

I turned to leave her side that night, my last time doing so, But in my mind I saw her there, telling me to go.

“Though the flowers seem enticing, it’s not for you to stay. I’ll be here waiting for you, dear, when you make your way.

Until then, go and live your life free of guilt or fear, And I will greet you lovingly when your time is here.”


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