Patron Hall of Fame!

A huge Thank You goes out to these individuals who support True Hauntings! You folks help us continue to put out interesting and spooky content for the masses to enjoy. We couldn’t do what we do without your unwavering support! Your name will be included here for the rest of time, regardless of if you cancel in the future! That’s how much we appreciate you!!!

Tina S. – July 2021

Matt B. – July 2021

Kathryn M. – Oct 2021

Rhonda M. – Jan 2022

Lindsey P. – Mar 2022

Kat J. – April 2022

Tina S. – May 2022

Lori – June 2022

Diana P. – June 2022

Loila J. – July 2022

Rachel G. – Aug 2022

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