Creepy Christmas List

For all you ghosts and ghouls out there who like to keep it spooky all year long, we would like to introduce you to our first annual Creepy Christmas List. Here, you will find businesses who have spooky, hauntingly creepy, and downright dark products or services perfect for your spooky shopping needs. Please click each business’s title link and be sure to type SPOOKY in the notes/comments section when you make your purchase so they know you found them through us! In this way, you can help support our show, True Hauntings & Scary Stories podcast, while making purchases you were already going to make and not spend an extra dime! In some cases, their items might even be on sale. #Sponsored


CocoLocks Hair Care Boxes

Just like our wardrobe changes to accommodate the ever shifting seasons, your hair care should, too! Your hair and scalp’s oil production, ph balance, shedding schedule and other variables change with the seasons of the year. Each of our boxes is delivered quarterly, and contains a multitude of full-sized products for you to enjoy. Every product we include each quarter will be tailored to that specific time of year to best accommodate your scalp and hair behavior.

Click the link above to make sure your hair looks scary good and not just scary


Heather’s Tiny Boutique

Our collection of decals and jewelry will entice even the spookiest of shoppers! We have a variety of both seasonal earrings and decals as well as some spooky finds for those with a Gothic flair. Browse our offerings and see what tickles your fancy!


Katastrophic Clay on Etsy

Our collection of charming and creepy clay creations will amaze you! Each piece is handmade over many hours of work with the greatest of care and artistic talent. You want a small treasure chest with an octopus wrapped around it? We’ve got it! You want a sea shell with an ocean creature residing inside it? We’ve got that, too! Browse our quirky and beautiful collection of artwork and see what catches your eye…


Fox Fire Crystals By Kat

Every crystal has its own energy and purpose. Browse our beautiful selection of crystals, both as stand alone crystals or beautifully crafted into jewelry or dream catchers to help you balance and cleanse your energy throughout the day. We feel certain that you will spot the perfect crystal for you or your loved one this holiday season!


CC Oddities By Cera

At CC Oddities by Cera, I create art using what would otherwise be left to be forgotten. The bones are real. The bugs are real. The moss and flowers I use for my art are all processed and preserved in house. My candles are hand poured into thrifted or found glass with love and intention. It’s just me, my hands, and anything I can find, collect, or ethically source with which to make décor for people who collect oddities, curiosities, bones, antiques, and magic.


True Hauntings Shop on Etsy

And of course, don’t forget to check out our very own True Hauntings Etsy shop this holiday season! There are lots of mystery boxes, moon water, ocean water and sand, poems, and other goodies for the spooky at heart!


For information on how to get your small business on this spooky shopping list before it vanishes on Dec 22nd 2022, email us at

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