Spooky Back Porch Poems

Please allow me to set the mood. We are on the back porch of a log cabin. The nearest neighbor is miles away. The sun is setting, drawing the day to a close and breathing life into the growing darkness. We sit in silence, if you don’t consider the symphony of bugs and critters emerging from their chosen hiding places or the gentile creak of our rocking chairs. An owl hoots softly in the distance. The cooler night air creeps in to replace the sun warmed air of the day. A soft breeze raises goosebumps on our arms. Using the soft light coming through a window behind us, I begin to read from a journal you’ve watched me scribble in all day…

The Vengeful Spirit

In a dark and dreary place

I am hidden without a trace.

My mother weeps. My father stares.

His shoulders heavy with the weight he bares.

He tries to keep it all together

But I am lost and bound with leather.

My body’s broken. My skin is torn.

Once they find me, they will mourn.

Calling out to them, I scream.

But they can’t hear me, it would seem.

A shadow now is all I am,

Angry, shouting, and all but damned.

Tears and sorrow make their eyes red.

Mine are black and very dead.

With every moment that passes by,

My soul grows weak and soon will die.

Only rage and hate will be

The very last that’s left of me.

And so another evil is made

With a vengeful debt that must be paid.

I will search both high and low

To find my mark. My one true foe.

The one who put me in this state.

The one that cursed me to this fate.

When I find this evil one,

And their beating heart is done,

I will still be here with rage

But no one else to engage.

Stay far away from me, dear one,

Or you might be the next one gone.

The Dinner Guest

At night, the witches play.

Don’t ever get in their way.

If you go to their feast,

You might just be the beast,

They serve to their friends that day.

The Rotted Tree

Amid the forest am I, a tree.

Tall and beautiful for all to see.

But if you look underneath me,

A rotted corpse is all there’ll be.

Mangled roots of black and brown,

reaching deep into the ground.

Deceiving all who see my leaves,

Brightly colored shades of green.

To those who think a tree is good,

and surely does all that it should,

I would say to ask the soul

Who I last trapped within this knoll.

Yes, evil is what I am now,

Corrupted by a witch’s vow.

Hanged unjustly upon my limb,

Her curse still clings to me so grim.

So keep your path around me wide

And don’t be fooled by my bright side.

For what is underneath is death

And threatens only your last breath.

Sweet Release

Now I lay me down to sleep.

I pray for them my soul to keep.

When I should wake I hope to see

Myself hovering over thee.

Released now in my spirit form,

You’ll find me hidden in every storm.

Every footstep and whispered sound

Will hold me in it, all around.

I’ll watch you with the greatest care

Until I’m ready to take you where

Souls linger between day and night,

Seeking new victims in the twilight.

The Lonely Soul

In a deep dark forest, there lived a lonely soul.

It wandered round the darkened trees looking for a hole.

When it found the perfect spot to hide its mangled head,

It hid inside and waited there for someone else to tread.

A little cat came roaming past, much to its surprise.

The lonely soul reached out to it and looked it in the eyes.

The cat then paused and gave a purr to the not so lonely soul,

And invited it to join her on her evening stroll.

Kidnapped Souls (A song)

You will sleep when you are done.

Your eyes will heavy be.

You’ll see your work laid out for him.

Your master will be pleased.

He’ll count the bodies, one two three

And note the care you gave

To keep each head attached to thee

But hearts are all cut free.

The hearts are his to cherish now

And no concern of yours.

Your damned and lonely soul is free

To roam just as before.

Be warned the soul who sings this tune.

It calls the damned to thee

And once she’s here she’ll slash at thee

Until your heart is free.


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